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Hh,,I dont know what to do with this one

I wanna talking to someone who will respect my boundaries. I'm F17, around 14/15 I gave nxdes out to older men/women onlin. I stopped for a while cuz I felt bad..? Anywho I wanna talkz.dirty to people andd maybe trade.nxdes again but..I want someone who might comply to some rules etc. Also idk where to go to release such desires..anyone know what I should do?

In not often alone at home but I rlly wanna do this, cuz I think I really want someone just to confide and know they like me even iif it's for my body?? Anyone have any advice?should I continue with it or should I seek a different way ?

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Re: Hh,,I dont know what to do with this one

Yes. Quit for now. Your a child. I know you feel grown but your not. Grow up. If you reach 18 & still want to; then pose for a site that will make it art & pay you. Maybe that is what you want long term.

But maybe it won’t be. Either way your too young for this. I ask you to respect yourself. As for the men who want to look at you; I’d like to kick their asses. I was a child victim of pedophiles.

If you must do this please never meet them. Never give out personnel info. These pervs are very dangerous. One of my cousins was sold into sex slavery as a boy. This is a dangerous & sick world. Don’t get sucked into the sewer. You may think sex & nudity is fun. I’ve been tied up; raped; tied upside down & tortured. Beat till unconscious. I assure you it’s not fun.