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Sometimes well not sometimes all the time I forget I am real. Sometimes I feel like I will just fade out into the world not die nothing terrible I will just simply not exist anymore. I always said I couldn't picture myself graduating high school and now that I have I still don't feel like it happened. I am in college and starting my own life soon but I still feel like nothing is really happening. I plan my life as if it'll happen probably more than the average person I've known exactly what I want to do and who I want to be since 8th grade but can I picture any of it happening? No, not at all. Im just going through the motions of life without feeling it at all sometimes. Im not sad or depressed I have been before I know what it feels like. Im happy I have a good life now I am dealing with my past issues but that feeling of not actually existing not being able to picture my life still annoys me idk