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I’m struggling with mental illness and depression. I tried talking to my school counselor about it they ended up telling my parents. After that my parents have been very distance with me and every time I listen to music that gets me they say “is this why your depressed” or “is the why you want to kill yourself.” Just this morning I was going to talk pills to end my life. My parents don’t know I already have two failed attempts. I talked to some of my friends about my illness but all they said was “don’t do it” and stopped talking to me or barely do. I play online games to try and get away but my parents say “you spend to much time on your computer come in the living room with us.” I hate my parents and family all they do is mentally abuse me. So I say “I’m going to go to sleep I’m tired anyways.” And I lay down and cry I look funny when I cry because I’ve cried so many times that tears don’t come down anymore. I just want to die but at the same time I’m scared of “the after life” I should say. But when people say “it gets better” it doesn’t for everyone.

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