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im uncomfy from my bestfriend and i dont know how to tell her. we're all in the same friend group and all of us has hidden grudges to her, she's fun hanging out with tho, she just makes every hang out awkward. this is so shallow compared to all of yours and yall probably think that im an 8yr old lmao ....................................

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Remember, if they can't handle the truth they can't be your bestfriend to the root! (what). Just tell her the truth and if she accepted it and changes she could still be your best friend! Don't hesitate to correct and criticize!

Goddamn 300 words limit so I will do the middle button thing. I will be your best friend and I can tell the difference that it you will be carrying a lot more of your time in your life isn't dark and it will be a little easier than you have ever been to be a good friend if he was a foul and you were the only one who could see the why it was a golden time and she was shocked and lectured to that time.