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I’m never satisfied with my weight no matter how much I work out or how much less I eat I never lose weight I feel like losing weight will make me happy and confident I did two sports from Monday to Friday and yet I can’t lose weight I have people telling me not to worry bout it but I can’t all the girls at my school are skinny and pretty while I’m just here at a 140 pounds I feel like giving up I don’t eat junk or anything and sometimes I just don’t eat all the girls compare there weights that’s there 90 lbs or 110 I feel like I’m worthless I’m probs making a big deal outta nothing but that’s how I feel I wanna be like the models they see on TV. I always point out the ugly details bout myself and I don’t wanna tell anybody because I feel like a burden I’m the therapist at my friends groups.and I tell my parents but they say the. Same thing over again I’m always comforting people while I can’t and when I do they turn the problem to themselves and I can’t express anything I feel like if I even gain a pound I don’t deserve to eat and when I do I feel guilty about it. I’m just tired of degrading me and I know that I have to put effort too but I just don’t have the energy to do that anymore.and with the people at my school it’s gonna be hell all the volleyball girls are skinny while I’m just “big boned”.i don’t feel confident in my own skin anymore.

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hello!! ^.^ ,, I’m bad with words and my first language isn’t english but I’ll try to say it,, based on what you’re thinking about that losing weight will make you happy it’s kind of a temporary thing , yes feeling satisfied with your body etc is comforting but it doesn’t mean that your body is bad anytime wether it’s now or before or later,, you’re beautiful the way you are,, being skinny doesn’t have to do with being “pretty” what’s the point in judging people by their body type etc ,, what’s wrong with people who gain more weight it doesn’t mean that they’re any less than skinny people,, everyone is beautiful <3 especially personalities and someone’s soul should be the first thing to be beautiful,, what’s the point in a pretty face but bad personality,, bad personality= bad everything else.. it could really just be your body type that you were born with and sometimes there’s nothing more we can do we just have to love and accept ourselves,, you’re beautiful in your own way <3 that’s what makes people beautiful,, that we’re all different and diverse, different personalities different body types different skin color different hair types different hair colors different interests that’s what makes every person shine in their own way <3 as long as you’re happy and healthy that’s all that matters <3,, of course your feelings are valid you’re a beautiful person you should have your own opinion about yourself you don’t have to rush it don’t worry it’s okay 🥺💜 you will find yourself one day you will love and accept yourself one day,, your life is a journey that has its ups and downs but you’re stronger and you know yourself the best I believe in you and I’m proud of you!! do the thing you love 🥰💜