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hi i am from the philippines, it is night time here 11 pm to be exact, this is also my favorite time of the day not just to rest but acknowledged a lot of past memories. during this time i thought of a lot of people from my life and my memories with them. sometimes it is fun but most of my before sleep dreaming it was pain and crying about anything that keeping me from being happy. anyway, i wrote to this site because i just want to share and talk to strangers. if you guys can see this i hope i can received a 'hi' from you hahaha. i just want to smile and wants to check if a lot of people will see this. 'til next time, mwaaa i hope you had a n amazing day. my name starts in the 10th letter of the alphabet.

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Oh hi, J. I am from Indonesia and it's also 11 pm as I am reading this. Yes, there are things called sad events and happy events. You need to balance both in order to be a decent human being, yes the sad times too. Having too much happy events results in a more ideal personality that couldn't accept things that we don't expect and want and could also accept too much lies. Having too much sad events results in a too realistic personality that could result in hurting others with truths and pessimistic personality that could cause trust issues and social problems. Remember tho, just because there are only 1 you in about 7 Billion people on earth doesn't make yourself worthless. Just take example of ants. They are small and worthless alone but they can conquer every corner of your house when they unite! And be sure to have a great time here, you can fix people's problems or expect people to fix yours! By the way my first name starts with the 16th letter of the alphabet!