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I met this girl in twitter.We had a group in Twitter but we started to talk in like,our personal dms and she was just so sweet and I liked her so much.She would ask me if I'm okay even if I didn't ask her first sometimes.It might sound basic but everyone would always just ask me if I'm okay if I ask them first and i can't open up to people because they will always just make it about themselves and they just didn't really listen.She made me feel special,i love her humor,just everything about her.She really made me question my sexuality and i was too scared to admit that Im bi and i really tried to remove that thought in my head because my family is against it and they are religious and im scared to confess to her because I'm afraid that she doesn't like me back and idk but I think she has a girlfriend now so,yeah.I've been inactive in twitter for weeks already because I wanted to move on and just focus on my studies and my family but I miss her rn.I miss her so so much.

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