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Hi! Tw: this has thoughts about suicide. ^^ its just more of a rant to myself, cause I'm spiraling lol

Awe, I was doing so well too! I was doing so well! You pathetic little creature, you didn't even have a chance of really living did you? You can't actually talk to anyone because you don't want to put that on them? Because it's not fair to them? So you're just gonna hold it all inside? Gonna read those fanfics about suicide so you can feel that wonderful pain in your chest and arm nerves? That deep, pain that comes with seeing others in pain? You like it don't you. You like seeing others in pain because you want that to be you. You want people to hurt over you because you're lonely aren't you. Oh? Your parents don't count? They are a completely different entity, they aren't like the friends you make. Maybe, you need better friends. Thats not fair to them though, because its alllllllll you isnt it? Its all you and you are much to dependent on others. All you care about is yourself .You take them, you dump so much into them, and you love them. You love having friends, you love collecting them. You don't actually care about them do you? Everything is just a temporary high you get making friends, and then you forget about them. Because sure, they matter for a few years, but after that? Well, you don't really care, so that doesn't actually matter does it? She's in danger living with me. I'm in danger living with me. This isn't good. This isn't good i don't want this im afraid. I should have stayed at home. The world is too much I can't make sense of anything, I don't know what I'm doing, I can't do it.

Let's go take a walk outside.

I dont want to i dont want to i don't want to

Are we two different people or am I just a piece of shit

Stop acting up lets go away now

This world is so frustrating anyway, and you're developing some weird habits.

Just... a little walk

I'll be back


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Re: Hi! Tw: this has thoughts about suicide. ^^ its just more of a rant to myself, cause I'm spiraling lol

Do you really feel this way about your friends and family. I really care about my friends and would put my life on the line for them, we've been together ever sense 1rst grade. I understand that feeling lonely can make you want to force attention upon yourself. But please dont think about hurting other people around or hurting yourself. Your worth so much to someone out there that doesnt even know it