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"highschool love"

hi, this is the first time m writing here..

so i met a guy in 9th and he looked soo handsome but he is very hard to talk with maybe cuz he tries to be tough in front of girls and his attitude is killing<3..moreover he is a topper...i didn't have guts to talk to him..later in 10th we were in same class and the same coaching so i started talking to him n i thought he also liked me but i have a twin sis who also liked him(she didnt admit but i can really make out by her expressions when she is talking with him) but l i thought that if he liked me back he will himself come to start a convo but he didnt and my sis got the chances to talk and impress him..then some rumors came up that she likes him and he also likes her back and they used to walk together after school to the bus. and luckily my best frd is in the same bus as his so i asked her if she could ask him that does she like (my sis) , i didnt want him to get to know that i asked her to ask him...but he figured out that i asked her that and he replied that he wont date in 10th as its a board year but he can think of dating in 11th (currently)

Then after the boards..i asked my frd to make a whatsapp group for sharing memes and only he had his number and unfortunately he added my sis also and so she also got his number ...then all of the story started they started bitchining abt our school,classmates,etc,etc.then i also texted him asking him his crush's name and he denied..then she asked my sis ,"whats wrong with your sis why is she asking all that stuff"..and now my sis dont even miss one chance to let me down in front of him....but i cant get him off my mind i really like him...

can someone please give some suggestions!!!!