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I was a 13 year old girl when I dated a 15 year old boy. He sobbed to me every single night but I couldn't fix it. Hed blame me for all his issues, and bully me relentlessly. He wanted me a 13 year old who had only turned 13 two weeks before to cyber f*ck him, and when I said no he cried. He said he was manipulative and horrible and made me sit there on call and reassure him for hours that he wasnt. After hours of bullying hed apologize and cry again till I talked him down. Then itd all repeat the next day. I should be over it by now, and hes done much worse to many other people, but I just cant. I dont know it's always in my mind scaring me hurting me.

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Re: Him

Sounds like you were dating a real winner!

Of course, in fairness, probably a lot of 15 year old boys desperate to lose their virginity would behave that way toward a 13 year old, especially if they thought that they could get her to drop her panties.

I hope that you aren't still wasting any time on this loser. You certainly shouldn't be losing any sleep over the relationship.