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The most reputable person in my boyfriend’s family is his uncle the doctor. He is so respected that even women in my family visits with him, including my mom. Actually when she learned I was sexually active in my teens she set up an appointment with him for me. I was so naive and inexperienced, getting undress in his office was quite an experience in my teens. First he asked me to disrobe to the waist for my breast exam, he touched my boobs with his bare hands and squeezed my nipples real good. He was 35 at the time. Then he asked me to disrobe completely and noticed I had my panties on so he told me to take them off. The tone of his voice and my boyfriend’s are almost identical, I wondered whether my boyfriend would turn into a man like him. Taking off my panties for him aroused me, I guess I discovered an exhibitionist in me. He sat me on his table and explained in detail the recto-vaginal exam I was going to have. I was totally wet when he started fingering my vagina and anus with his gloved and lubricated hands. I couldn’t hide it. I involuntarily squeezed my thighs together, his hand got trapped and I had an orgasm. He told me not to worry for I was not the only one that has had an orgasm during an exam. He told me I needed to come once a year but if I wanted come more frequently he could accommodate. I ended up marrying my boyfriend and have been happily married for almost 30 years. I still have the same doctor and I see him on a monthly basis.

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