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I guess it's feels lonely and empty

It's been a long time, ever since you left I've been feeling those feelings and I can't find a cover or a place or feeling to run to or hide behind

I tried to mask those feelings, I tried to cover them up, to numb them, to pretend they don't exist ..

All of the feelings, good or bad I started hiding

What I want to feel? I don't know

But I can't help but wish I could feel anything real again ..

But now all the feelings seem fake and boring..

I miss missing you and waiting for you to come back to me at the end of the day

I have up on you, I gave up on so much

And now whenever I see a couple I can't help but feel empty, nostalgic and a little envious

Wanting someone to be like that to me

But I can't let anyone, I can't let myself love anyone I can't trust anyone