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H**ny girls reach out.

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Sometime ago I posted some really honest confessions and stories about my darker, sexual nature and it seemed to have had an effect on some women on here. I have a girlfriend, and I wouldn't cheat on her. She really tries and I appreciate her so much. She is my light and my co adventurer into certain experiences. She will try for me and for her to find excitement but also to find light. I care for her.

I thought about continuing the stories, but the replies I've gotten are not allowed in my space, and for good reason. I will admit that I loved the honesty, i loved that I was able to free some people to admit and to reach out about their sexual nature. It is good. But that is the only purpose I will serve, nothing more.

It was hot I won't lie, it spoke to me. Two women in particular made me feel some type of way...I felt them, their needs, their bodies and their...well, them. If they're reading this then thank you for reaching out, I hope i served my purpose. I cannot go further than this. I may continue to post stories and hope it helps, I post them cause it helps me let out what I can't with anyone in r.l.

I was tempted to reply, but it would be wrong. I haven't told my girlfriend that. I'm posting this now so it drowns in the many posts during the day and she doesn't see it. I do wonder, I did feel aroused a little and perhaps under different circumstances I'd allow a door to be opened. Your responses were really hot, and honest. You are the type of girls I'd discipline and show true ecstacy to...

But I have found that girl already. And she loves me, and wants me to be better - To walk in the light and heal, and I look forward to that nourishment from her. Anything below this standard is sub par. If you see my post and my contact details, don't respond because I won't be responding to it.

With love,

You know who.