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Hold On

As humans we expect everything so fast. A day is forever and a week is eternity. Especially when we are hurting.

However, I am just asking those on here that can not find a way out, just hang on.

I am not saying some magical fairy will come sprinkle happy dust and grant you three wishes.

What I am asking for is some time. For you. Not a minute, or a day. Just hang on.

Think back at your last 12, 15, 17 years or more. Does it not seem like a blink of an eye?

One day, things will get diffrent. A managable diffrent. Who knows, maybe that fairy will come back.


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4 months ago

Re: Hold On

Okay, I'll try to wait little longer, but those magical fairies who sprinke happy dust and grand me three wishes sound fire. I'd ask for a grand human removal only because that's something that would benefit the whole earth and delete global problems in the blink of an eye, but anyways, I only see myself as far as 2 to 3 years yk? If I blink less, though, I might just travel through time. A flash into time, three years later from today as I open my eyes, I only blinked once. But, wait, what am I supposed to be even waiting for?




Hey, its better then Hope.