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Home life

My home life is so TOXIC I CANT TAKE IT. I want to relapse so bad but I know there’s good coming my way soon.i want to self harm,but I know I can’t because I know when I visit my mom she’s gonna notice and I don’t want her to feel sad about me at all. I want to drink, but I am only 14. I feel as if thats all I have access to for relief. I do all my chores I clean the house when they tell me,I wash the bathroom when they tell me, I clean my room,I babysit my sister when I’m home alone. And I can’t even keep my phone in my room. I can’t even stay up unti 11pm I cant have social media. It’s ruining my mental state so much because I feel trapped. Like they treat me like I’m a baby. They need to just leave me alone. I’m sick of it. My dad doesn’t do shit when she starts bothering me for no reason can’t do anything because of her and my dad just fucking sits their and makes excuses like FUCK YOU. Like I hate it. Just let me leave. Leave me alon quit bothering me I don’t do anything. I try my best to be the best child for oy you and you just sit doing nothing just fuck you. I fucking hate you so much. I hate you. You let her ruin everything and you wonder why we don’t have a good father daughter relationship you keep fucking it up. You don’t give a fuck about me. The only time you cared is when the police had to take me to psychiatric hospital. You never gave damn about me. Fuck you. I hate you. I can’t wait until I leave.