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Homophobia and Daddy Issues

Yesterday my sister came home from spending the night with her lifelong best friend after being separated for so long(they couldn’t see each other earlier due to social distancing and because they live a couple hours away from each other) feeling very upset because her friend’s, who I’ll call Bee, family called and said they couldn’t sleep in the same room because they thought my sister was a lesbian and and a sexual predator, and didn’t want her to molest Bee. She(my sister) told us she felt very disgusted towards herself because of this, and couldn’t even think about complimenting someone’s hair without being so disturbed. Of course, we were very angry, but the worst part is this is not the first time it has happened to my sister. See, our father went to prison for being a predator and a pedophile. This caused a lot of people to think differently about us. All my sister’s life, Bee’s family has looked down on her and has always blamed whenever Bee and her got into any trouble, arguing that my sister was evil and a bad influence, even though most of these situations were the cause of a third person. It has even gotten to the point where some people in our OWN family has accused and interrogated my sister about assaulting their children. She was 9-10 when most of these accusations occurred. Alas, most of these people are very conservative(no offense if you are conservative and aren’t like that) but that doesn’t give them the right to treat my sister like that. Thanks for listening.