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Honesty with my girlfriend

I have a child from a Japanese girl in Fukuoka, whom I have never seen because I didn’t want to be a father at 23 years and move to another country. Now I’m engaged to a girl I truly love, but I told her nothing. If I do, it is for sure that she’s going to leave me. What should I do? It is true that I did something bad, but it does not relate to her. Moreover, I never recognised the child. Do you think I should tell her anyway? Not even my closest friends know this

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Re: Honesty with my girlfriend

Not only should you tell her, you should also recognise the child as I guarantee no decent person would stay with you if you continue behaving in such a callous and irresponsible way. You are older and know better. I trust that you will do better. Good luck, never stop trying to become a kinder and more honest person.

I’m the author of the post, I want to point out that at the beginning she also told me that she was unsure about who the father was, and so I told her that then I wanted to know nothing about it. Just to stress it, she had been with someone else around a week before she came to my country for one week at my expenses.

So honestly I don’t think I did something wrong there, but I’m suffering because I love my girlfriend and I want to be completely honest with her

There are some reliable paternity tests these days that could solve this problem and help put your mind at ease. Perhaps you should ask your ex to contact the other guy and do the test, and take it from there? If it turns out that the child is his, you will have nothing to worry about. But if the child doesn't turn out to be his, you'll have to do a paternity test too. It's really not a big deal to have a child from a previous relationship. It's the 21st century, no one gets married as a 20 year old virgin anymore. You sound like a nice enough person (feeling guilty, wondering how to fix things, asking what's the morally right thing to do), so gather the courage and strength to put your life in order before you share it with your fiancee.