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Hookup or nah?

As I have wrote before in here, I am a highly addicted sex finatic.. I love the idea of sex, the sexual intercourse, everything. So I do a lot of bad thing to myself like I actually frickin fuck myself with such things that can make me orgasm.. The other day, I was talking to this guy I get hot and heavy with via text at nighttime and he was like, "How come you don't just go on a site and hook up with someone?" so my dumbass went to a site and actually did get a guy to want to meet up with me. Like dude, hes such a turn on for me. The only problem really is the age difference. I mean last night, we got hot and heavy and we wanted to just meet up then and just have car sex. And I mean don't get me wrong, its not as fun, but with my horniness I would have done anything with him. I am only 18, but I really really just want some sex but I feel as if that is wrong maybe? I would love to meet up with him but I dont know what to do.. I want to but I dont know if it is safe, I have tried this in the past and it never worked and the dude ended up lining the weed with something. We only ended up doing some oral, but I wanted to actually get pounded.

SO as you can see I need sex, but I dont want to put myself in a dangerous situation again. He has assured me and has done a lot like send me license plate and stuff but you know I watch those crime shows and this literally screams DATELINE.