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Hope good thing will happen

Hope good thing will happen in the near future. I want to feel safe and happy.

I'm a loser who want to avoid stress and work but because I don't want to be suffered like the past.

I'm really not good dealing with stress and job I don't know how to do. Because of covid so now I'm doing a job I didn't have any experiences. I'm so newbie at this, so stupid. My brain didn't active and I heard insults like everyday because I didn't do it well.

Normally we will choose the things we're good at or we can do. Now I'm at the the things I have zero knowledge about it, then people loods at me like I'm the real useless can't do anything. There're things I can do tho..

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Re: Hope good thing will happen

You aren't a loser. You are a winner. Wanna know why? BECAUSE YOU SAT THROUGH ALL THE BULLSH*T THAT HAPPENED TO YOU! THOSE PEOPLE ARE BICHES IF THEY THINK ITS OKAY TO INSULT YOU LIKE THAT! And you aren't useless. If there are things you can do, do it! If you have a passion to pursue, pursue it! If you hope for good things to happen, keep hoping! Cuz I know, good things will happen.

╰(*´︶`*)╯love to you. Luck to you. ❤🍀❤🍀❤🍀❤🍀❤🍀❤