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Hope you found better

Years ago, you left because I wasn't going anywhere with my life, and you needed someone who had their life together to be able to be there for you. 

You were right. After you left I looked for my place in the world, I went forward in school, in work, and thought I had balanced my life a little more. Found joy in helping others, but stopped helping myself. 

I got an amazing job helping kids and my community, and as I continued to help others around me and build relationships, I continued to push away any progress towards myself and my education. 

I had a full time job, great salary, great environment. But that isn't where my priority should have been, because by that point I had completely abandoned my personal development.

Well, some things at work changed, and I no longer work. I thought to myself maybe this is the time to go back to school. And that's what I'm doing now, but it's too late now. It's been years since I've done this and honestly have made little progress with myself. 

And I'm now realizing, that the guy who was on that park bench all those years ago, he's still me. Because I have made absolutely no progress since. 

You were right to leave. I don't blame you for that. I just hope you found a more solid rock in your life.

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Re: Hope you found better

i would not give up hope on her she may have wanted better but she also forgets it takes two to tango go to college finish a masters go higher an have a stable career to cover everything . i would not wish something like that for someone https://www.independence.edu/