Horniness has overtaken my life

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I find myself to be horny sometimes. It’s so bad that I even seek out people online, sometimes younger. 98% no one else is horny and I’m left feeling unsatisfied but the other 2% leaves me more than satisfied but then feeling horrible about myself. I end up doing it again at least every other week. Sometimes it’s days in between, other times I go back to back to back if I can. I went as far as even joining sexual groups on kik and trying to find someone on snapchat to trade nudes with. I’m often left unsatisfied with porn and need a good climax. I do have a girlfriend that I adore but this has been getting in the way for me. I’ve been being sneaky and deleting AND blocking anyone that I may have added in my horny mental state. What’s worse is that I know it’s wrong during the act and I can’t stop it. Anyone have suggestions?

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