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Horrible friends

It all started last summer at the very beginning of the summer my only two friends (we will call them Alex and Lily) called me together and told me they no longer wanted to be associated with me. After it all blew over we became friends again but as soon as that happened I was “moving too fast” so Alex broke off and try to make more friends and Lilly went with her so I had no Friends for about a week. They were both girls and there’s a lot of drama with that so Lily was being heavily influenced by Alex and Alex was just overall toxic so as soon as Lily figured that out we became best friends but Lily wouldn’t let me even talk or look at Alex. So this became a problem because I had five classes with Alex as well as a locker next to her But I became friends with her again and she turned me against Lily. To present day Alex is pretty much out of the picture but there’s a new girl we will call her Brooke she is clingy, jealous, only wants attention, and can’t share a friend But I didn’t know this at the time. So I introduced Lilly to Brooke and they instantly connected then Lilly realizes that Brooke was jealous and clingy so they take a break. Recently Lilly and I got into a huge fight and she resorted back to Brooke it really hurts me and I cry almost twice a day every day at least I’ve had a few panic attacks and I haven’t told my family I don’t know what to do.