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How can I be an attractive guy for my (maybe lesbian?) girl-friend?

I'm desperately in love with this girl. We had great fun for the last couple of months but when I told her about my feelings she didn't reciprocate.

I didn't feel anything like this before so I want to win her.

At first she wanted to spend time with me everyday. She wanted to do everything with me.

But after I fell into her, she's not acting like that anymore.

Is there a way to make her love me?

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Re: How can I be an attractive guy for my (maybe lesbian?) girl-friend?

With my wife I listened to her. Asked about her interests. Cooked for her. Always smiled. Watched & listened to what she liked. She loved bee gees; & Grease. So I learned every Travolta dance from all his movies. And every song in Grease. And every Bee Gee song.

If you can imagine a 285 lb guy who looks like Thor dancing like Travolta & singing more than a woman. I dance great but look like a dancing bear. Other than rap my singing is bad.

I also would pick her flowers. Take her on walks.

As for clothes. Wear kakis; hush puppies; button up shirts; belts. Nice cologne. Moose your hair & use hair spray. Brush & mouth wash after each meal. Carry breath mints.

Hey I played football; hunt; & benched nearly 600 but I still had good look. Women like that.

Start watching stuff like hallmark channel. Read romance novels. You have to learn how they think.