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How cancer impacts a family

In 3 years my grandpa my gramma my mom and one of my best friends was diagnosed with cancer I’m a really happy person like my mom says I’m the sun in the sky (old Portuguese saying) and I feel like I’m carrying my family stability in my back I’m happy in the outside I have to be it’s like I’m acting 24/7 in school at home the stages of cancer of all of them are pretty low (that’s good cancer stage can go of 1-6 I think ) I’m like a 17 year old happy nurse all the time

My school and in the hospital suggested to my family that I wold get psicological suport but my mom tsaid I don’t need it I have too younger siblings and I’m basically a mom a student a friend I can’t take it anymore I just want to run away or sleep and only wake up when it’s all back to normal

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Re: How cancer impacts a family

Im so so sorry you are to young to go though that start focusing on the good thing and live the small things You have to be there for your family and I understand that it’s hard sometimes is even harder to the family of the person who has cancer try to explain your mother that you need that psicological support to support her and your grandma/ grampa and that she shouldn’t have turned that option down without talking to you

have a good life