how do i know whether im depressed or just plain sad

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could uhhh,, somebody help me out? i dont know how to say this because very time i think about it, it sounds like netflix trying to write a movie about a kid with 'depression'. but really, ignoring the cringe-fest this sounds like, how do i know if im depressed? if what im feeling really is bad and i should talk to somebody or whether i am just plain sad like everybody else?

and what do i even do about it. school has an email address for the counsellors but what would i even write? 'dear mr counsellor, please help me out im feeling pretty tired.' or maybe even 'dear mr counsellor, how do i stop self harming?'. neither sounds too appealing do they.

that's not what i am here for, though. i just want to know. does anybody have any idea?

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