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How do I rise again?

I’m as tuff as they come. But my son asked me to help him Sunday. Wants to learn to change oil & antifreeze. I tried in past but his mom stopped me. Help him learn to grind metal. Maybe weld.

I just helped yesterday. Got multiple diseases piled on each other. Body is messed up. Muscle disease. Nerves shot. Arteries & veins. Internal organs. On & on. When you keep cheating death & amazing doctors you don’t magically heal. You just will yourself to do things that break the faint of heart.

So I am eating the crap out of some crackers & water. Then going try to watch football & relax tomorrow. Whose playing? I was looking forward to Georgia but Covid hit their opponent so even if I’m right & dogs are a final clue it’s meaningless now. A virus would have aided them. Doesn’t prove I was right. I like to get all my pre season final 4 in.

This weird year that was Clemson; Ohio St; Georgia; & who knows in 4th. I went with Ok State as my 4th. Oregon if they missed. It’s not whose the best 4 or we’d have to let 2 Sec teams in every yr. it’s who had a good season. The pac & big 12 are much easier than BIG &sec. Pac is group of 5 posing as power 5. Now only few easy opponents so I may be right. But Covid is a mess. I’m just glad we have football.