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How do I stop eating all together?

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I don’t want to lose weight. It’s not why I want to stop eating. I have a very bad bowel condition. It’s basically chronic diarrhoea every time I eat no exception on food. No food is good it’s all bad. Even fruits and vegetables cause an episode of chronic diarrhoea and I want it to stop because I am getting sick of spending 10+ hours on the toilet all the time. It’s ruined my sleep, my concentration and definitely made my mental health a lot worse. It makes me cry a lot and I think of suicide most of the time. If I stopped eating all together, it would be extremely better for me. I went a weekend without eating because of a sickness by and it was great, I didn’t have any diarrhoea all weekend and I felt better for it I was actually happy.

is there anyone on here who can help? Any advice to stop eating? Making yourself full without food? Any ideas please?!?