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How do I tell a friend I love them?

I have a crush on a close friend. She's a great friend, and she means the whole world to me. I want to tell her how I feel, but I'm afraid of getting rejected, and I don't want to ruin the friendship. I already tried to anonymously tell her how I felt, and I left some pretty obvious clues as to who I am, but I don't think she ever saw the message. I know the message went through, but she deactivated her account the same day, and I don't want to resend it just in case she did see it. One of her friends did see it, but I don't really know them. Not to mention, I don't want to creep her out like some other people did, who also sent anonymous messages to her. I don't wanna have any regrets, I just wanna tell her how I feel, and I keep getting frustrated with myself for not telling her, but at the same time, I don't want to be hurt. She's depressed, and she really wants to be with someone, she's said this before. I'm fine if she rejects me and picks someone else, I just want to see her happy, but I don't want her to get hurt. She's tried hurting herself before, and I feel like if I'm gonna tell her, it's now or never. What should I do?

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Re: How do I tell a friend I love them?

I think you should just go for it and tell her one on one . I am girl so I can tell you one on one is way better than anonymous things and also you will be able to make comfortable even if she says no. Confessing your feelings is not bad if she wants the same great if not just respect her feeling and understand her.

If she understands you she will stick around. I hope you get what you have wished for.

All the best

Man that spouses like the absolute worst try writing a letter of me something and give her lots of genuine compliments stuff about her only a friend would know. That may go a little better for you and she might actually be flattered if she gets the chance to read it. Just go for it, keeping

it at a heartfelt but not crossing the line to creepy - place.


...Just wing it——————————



If you think she would say yes then tell her. It might be easier to do it on your phone or something so you don’t have to talk to her directly. I have the same situation but imma wait a bit. Good luck 😁


Before telling her evaluate the situation and realise how complicated things could get if you both decide to give it a go and it doesn’t work. Or if you told her and she doesn’t feel the same it could make her view you in a different way. However, things could work and it depends whether you feel comfortable risking what you already have for the possibility of having something more.

There are ways to read signs of whether someone loves you. The way they look at you. Whether they put you before other plans. There are many different ways you can always have a look online (as I’m no professional)

you could maybe address the situation rather than saying you love her you could ask how she would feel about taking the further. You can always talk about it hypothetically so if she doesn’t feel the same way you do you haven’t potentially damaged your friendship.

It is a hard thing to do but I’m sure if you have a strong friendship already you will be able to work through it. This is just my personal advice it is all up to how you feel.

good luck and I hope you the best in whatever you choose and whatever the outcome <3

Hey man, I understand how you feel. But there's no easy way out. You have to speak up. Tell her what you feel before someone else takes her away Infront of your eyes. That's not a good feeling. Man up and speak. If you fail, atleast you tried. It's better to try than having regrets for doing nothing.