How I found out I'm adopted

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One day, like a few weeks ago, I found out my biological mother was my "sister" that my "parents" who are my grandparents kept me away from. I don't know exactly why I was not allowed to know why I was adopted, but she told me its a story for another day. Ngl I love her alot and she's more of a mom, best friend and therapist than anyone who I've met before. Our bond is strong af, but I don't know who my biological father is. I wonder. Maybe someday I'll meet him, idk. Anyways, the "family" that I have, are all traitors,liars. They've kept this secret away from me all my life long. Btw I'm 13 in a month. My so called family are actually fucking nothing to me. Literally. Not blood related, and I hate them. I wouldn't have found out if my bio mom didn't tell me about it. The only people who I trust is her. Only her. I love her.

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