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How I lost my friends

I was in a group of friends: 5 girls(M, J, K, Z and me) and 1 boy (F). One day I realised that F (whom I liked for a long time) keeps making me feel terrible, talking about what I wear and eat, even though I had asked him to stop before.

So I went to him, told him I liked him (I knew he liked M, that's why I did it) and asked him to keep a distance from me for some time. I hoped that I would be able to work on myself, stop liking him and stop caring for his rude comments. I also asked him to keep it secret.

However my friends stopped messaging me after that. I texted M in order to ask her about sth, and she left me on read. I knew she was mad, because she always responds, even to the people she hates. After few times she responded that she won't message me and she will also not tell me why.

I felt terrible, because I know I've done something to upset her, but I still have no idea what that might have been.

After a week I texted her again in order to ask her if she's still mad. M told me she couldn't believe I was so clueless and refused to explain again.

So I texted F about it.

He was really rude to me and also refused to tell me anything, but he said he agreed with M. I also asked A, and she doesn't know anything about it.

I still don't remember what could offend M so much, but I feel terrible.