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How it all began pt1

I feel trapped. Let me tell my story. I am a 13 year old girl who is currently listening to music with a face mask on typing this. So where do I begin?! At the age of 7 I was abused till I can remember, My father uses me as his punching bag. My parents split since I was born, my dad cheated. Screw him, in fact he wasn’t even there when I was born he never held me in his hands. You know where he was, with his girlfriend that he left us for, he started a family and he just upped and left. Till this day I still hate him for it, he ruined my childhood. I have a fucked up life and I still do now. People think that having divorced parents are so cool. “Your lucky you get two houses” “you get to have multiple vacations” or what about “it sucks that your parents our divorced you must get into lots of fights, talking bad about each-other, in and out of court” yea what about that see people don’t know the real story but the people out there who lived it and is still going through it do. I just wish I had a better child hood but you know what “it is what it is” aren’t it?

should I keep going? Because I have a long ass story.