How (not) to be SAD/DEPRESSED

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Hi Dear Stranger,

If you have opened this up I assume you are feeling sad or depressed and want a lil help.

Now, firstly : Identify the cause - Why are you sad/depressed? Did you have a fight with a dear one? Or do you feel like you're empty?

After you get the answer, Apologize. YOUR EGO IS NOT BIGGER THAN YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH THE PERSON! Sort it out atleast.

If you want feel free and cry; clean the emotional dirt of anger and hatred.

Wash your face/take a bath.

Do what you like...Watch a movie, scroll YT, watch TV/Netflix...Anything that you like to do, do it.

Rest for the day. ONLY THAT DAY! Your depression/sadness does not serve as an excuse to be lazy and be unproductive.

If you have a serious depression please reach out for professional help. I here, am offering simple techniques to make you happy, I am not a professional.

Hope it helps :)

Stay Safe; Stay Happy!