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How not to look back

I met this guy on one of dating sites. And things get better for us, so we started talking in our personal accounts. Then we started talking through video call and we ended up calling each other everyday. Seeing him smile when he's embarrassed and out of words made my heart beats so fast. He was genuine, sweet and so innocent. That's got me so attracted to him. Then.. next morning, he stopped talking to me. Ho won't greet me as he used to do. Not telling me if he will sleep already, no Good morning, no saying "Me gustas mucho" anymore. And, I asked him. If I did something wrong.. but he said, "no, I'm really busy" I take that. I understand that. That made me feel at ease. Until.. I saw him sharing post.. He's active.. He can share post but he can't message me. It looks so clear to me. That he lost interest in me. And that hurts me the most, because I'm getting used of him being so sweet, keep on updating me, and saying he likes me out of nowhere. its hurts so bad, that I thought there was something,, he made me believed that. I'm so stupid for that.. I want to stop it, what I feel for him, but it was so hard. I don't know..