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How to know if you're lesbian ?

Ok it's so dumb that it doesn't let you write something small but whatever i don't want ro bore you I've been questioning my sexuality for a long time and seeing some straight ppl being dicks about this sort of topics pieces me off like some ppl who just like to look cool or be different or unique try it with a girl and this messes me up i see literally young girls having no experience telling ppl they're gay but it's all bcs of attention I've been fearing of having to come out or that I'm qualified to be gay ar that I'm gay enough i always scared that it might not be true that's why I'm looking for signs to determine whether I'm gay or not instead of just trusting my feelings any I'd appreciate some help .

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Re: How to know if you're lesbian ?

Chemically we are neither till puberty really. I looked like a girl. Then at 12 I turned into Incredible Hulk.

I’d say half of girls are bi till mid to late 20’s. So if you end up being bi that’s fine. You’ll prob outgrow it. If not that’s fine. God makes us as we are. God will love you no matter what.

I was so pretty older boys would ask me out. Then call me gay for being so pretty. Yet I never had a gay thought. We are all who we are.

You're probably still young, don't worry. You'll just know. You can't discover it like rn there are not some written rules but here are some advices. If you're around 11-18 age, you're going trough a lot rn especially identity and sexual crisis. Just don't force anything and don't even think about it you'll eventually find out:if you like girls or boys, or both. Its okay to be confused! You don't have to come out, and you don't have to label yourself. Your sexuality is your thing and you don't have to explain it to anyone. These things come with the time. Just be careful about who you talk about it cause yk there are still lots of homophobic people. And also know and remember that you're valid! Ignore those straights who are trying to look cool theyll stop sometime. So yeah just vibe and chill and don't rush! Belive me you'll figure it out!