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How to talk to Mr Iceberg...?

There's this boy I used to have a crush on..

The conversations between us are awkward, short and colder than Alaska. Everytime I tried to hype things up or get to know him, he's like 'oh', 'ok', 'yea' and sometimes he's just react a 'like' on the message.

As someone who has a brain, it's obvious he doesn't feel the same way(?) But maybe it's my problem, idk how to talk to him naturally... I wish that I can talk to him as a friend and he does so too. Or maybe he's just that cold towards anyone.

Yet, there are times, he's pretty weird, he will react 'haha' to the lamest joke I made. And when I thought that's an improvement in getting to know him better, well, maybe he'll open up soon. No, Mr Iceberg is back once again. Plus, he had such an low EQ. I remembered asking his pov on how to solve a male friend's personal problem. His answer just made me speechless.

So, I questioned myself, a lot, why did I like him though? XD sooner or later, the feeling is gone. I feel like as if I can be myself around him, you know like you feel bold for no reasons XDD

But still, I hope to talk to him as a normal friend, but idk how...

P.S. sorry for these poorly constructed sentences. Hope y'all get what I meant 😗😗

-Awkward Potato-