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How to turn on the Light

What do you usually do when you have thoughts of killing yourself? I have been a victim of different kinds of abuse throughout my life that it made me sensitive, naive, and helpless all at the same time. I'm not blaming people (those who have met me or my family and friends) for doing so and being what they are toward me. I know there is something unflattering about me, must be my choices in life, as to why they treat me like I don't matter. Most of the time I wish to fall asleep and not wake up. I don't care at this point what they will think. I am selfish of thinking and feeling this way, I know. But most nights and days, everything looks blank. I feel poor and hungry even though I have enough to keep my physical self alive. Is this me being guilty for being alive and being part of people's lives? Or am I just overreacting?

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Re: How to turn on the Light

No, it's normal to think that way. And the only thing for you to feel better is to be much more selfish. And by selfish i mean as to ignore other people opinion about you, to do things how you like and most importantly, if there're things that you wanna do then do it, even if that's just an impulse wanting. the point of the advice i give is to live freely without any obligation on answering how people look and think of you. I know you can do this

Ps: i'm also experiance the same thing as you, but now i just gonna live my life how ever i wanted, and nothing's in my way