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How toxic you were

I taught you were a blessing. I remember each and every detail of yours, the way you treated me differently at different times. The way you ignored me for days and months together yet I stood by your side. You cheated on me? How could you do that? For what have i done to go through the suffering of what you've given me as the gift of love, a betrayal??

I didn't deserve that, or maybe i was blind, couldn't see, or couldn't think even in my dreams that you'd cheat on me. The way you've hurt me, made me want you more and more, the way you made me feel worthless about myself, the way you made me, my family culture and my regional culture inferior, all of that. Why did you do this to me? I'm so disheartened. I'm in a shock. I taught I'd marry you. I'd spend my life with you, be happy with you. I never taught you'd hurt me, i taught you'd respect me. I was wrong.

I'm terribly hurt. It's been 7 to 8 months now, without you.

I'm not going to get back to you or recieve your calls. I wanna move on from this shock, and wanna feel through my heart my mistake, my wrong decision of choosing you. I wanna deeply internalise and completely get over it ASAP!

My parents are searching for a groom. At this disheartened stage, I'm so much afraid of myself, how will I see things ahead? Do you even know what I'm going through? Why did you did this to me?

I loved you.