How you made your enemies:

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Enemies are people you may despise. People you hate. But what at it's core, keeps you, from being kind to this being. Your mind is powerful. Stronger than you can put into words. The subconscious reminds you of what bad things this person has done, not only to you but to others. It's what stops you from allowing forgiveness. Think, what have they done? Some of your enemies, are unable to be given forgiveness. There are people in my life, I will never, forgive. Why? Because in my head, when I think of this person, I replay the moments, that hurt me the most. I suffer my memories that lead me to terror, and agony. The grief of it all is depressing. The memories of a foe are the ones deeply engraved, the ones that scar you. I must admit. It hurts. The execution of it all is depressing. Nothing can change past actions. Nothing can take back words from your mouth. Whats done is done. Whats said is said. Those who hate the most. Have gone through the most. Enemies are the savages of our mind