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How’s life

does anyone else feel like this..

the reason I’m so sad is because I feel like everyday is the same.. I’m repeating my life the same even the weekends. I’m in uni and it just makes me so sad everything makes me sad, it makes me just want to give up on my dreams and work retail or some shit. I hate waking up to repeat what I did yesterday. I try to say it’s only 1 chapter not my whole story but why is this chapter so long and depressing I hate my life right now and I just wanna go sleep forever

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Re: How’s life

I want to go to sleep forever too, but i try my best to keep fighting. Virutal hugs to you my dear starnger ♡ you should maybe get out of your comfort zone too, ive been trying that lately. I think it'll help you. It hasnt helped me tbh, but its probably cuz i have a lot of unsolved sad shit and it just keeps on piling up. You know what Id recommend thoigh? Get tour favorite music and put on earbuds and just dance in the park at night if you prefer but plz be safe

Much loveeeeeee

It happens especially when there's alot bothering you mqybe unsolved issues, or maybe some emptiness..

living exactly thesame...

i live thru mine mostly with my favorite music loud and just being by myself. I really believe we both will get thru it. Love you stranger