HUN-well my rant is this

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Hey my “name” is hun (obviously a nickname)

*I started crying while writing this lol even though I was saying I wouldn’t *

but my parents are shit don’t get me wrong they aren’t the worst parents and they aren’t always like this we occasionally have good moments too but idk lately I can’t help but to hate them I don’t feel affectionate towards them at all (it’s starting to sound very dramatic) but they beat me they mock me they torment me they body shame me they do Everything except be nice and when I call them out on it they invalid my feelings and at some point I snap I am not perfect I am not saying I’m not wrong but CAN YOU sit there quietly no crying just them insulting you in every way shape and form JUST THEM CALLING YOU A PIECE OF SHIT AND AN UNGRATEFUL AND CHILDISH BITCH can you really not get angry? am I wrong for getting upset and talking back? I can’t take it even if it causes me to get beat it’s so hard it really is so hard

i have trouble focusing and I am extremely forgetful I try tho I really do they call me dumb they call me psychotic and immature they don’t let me drive or work but expect me to know how to work everything they treat me like a child and expect me to act like an adult

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