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Even though this is anonymous i will probably realize how badly i need someone to talk to.

i am really just going through things that i feel like no one can ever really understand. my boyfriend just upset me to the point where i want to hurt myself. i don't understand why men cant just try to understand what we mean whenever we explain what bothers us. i don't understand why something so little turned into something so large and i'm the one to blame. as i sat in the car with my mother texting my bf; going back n forth i just wanted to burst out into tears but instead i went to my notes and expressed what i feel as i always do. today was just a breaking point for me. i wanna hurt myself. every relationship i've been in has made me just want to drop dead like a fly. i just hate that i cant find someone who will cherish the ground i walk on. love should not be hard it shouldnt hurt. it shouldnt make me feel the way i feel right now. i dont even know how im typing this right now with crying.