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I dated this guy for so long and then he woke up one morning and chose another girl. After he chose the other girl he got me freaking pregnant and then i felt so bad for him and I was 18 and i just chose the choice that’s best for me. After that we kept talking for years. Currently going on 5 years with him and then finally I been so frustrated by the entire situation and he doesn’t even care. I’ve hated my body, my face, my mind and everything about me for so long because of him. I love him so so so much and it’s so hard trying to keep him close because i love him and he tells me he loves me and it’s so crazy because i know he cares but Jesus Christ! He just wanna be a piece of shit and act like nothing matters. I’ve been so hurt these past few years and as i started loving myself and it was due to somebody else and now he’s being acting so different with me. Jesus Christ i’m a mess please don’t judge me