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I feel so unloved and hurt. My husband and I have been at differences for a while. I live in another city than he does because that is where my daughter is. I have shared custody and I am sorry my kids are more important. Plus I can’t bring her to visit my husband because her dad got a restraining order against my husband. So yes I travel back and forth. Well my husband got mad a few months back stating he is no longer paying for the apartment I have in the city where my daughter is (he blames her for me not being with him all the time). So he said I had to get a job to pay for my bills in the other city. I told him if I do that I won’t be with him as much because of the job and he said he was fine with it. Now he throws it in my face and says a real wife would be with her man. Yet my extra money goes to him for his crap. And now he ignores my calls and texts yet gets mad at me when I don’t text him. So when I go up there to him I kind of expect some attention. And when I try giving him attention he gets mad at me and says I am just treating him like a piece of meat. What?!?! I haven’t even tried being intimate because that’s all he says to me. I am sorry but I need some attend. And it doesn’t have to be sex! I just want attention. To be held. Is that to much to ask for? I have never thought I was pretty or good looking. And he is the first guy who made me feels as if I were but now I just get the cold shoulder making me feel like that unconfident shy little girl again.