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Husband betrayed my trust

I have only ever made him promise two things, not to go to a "bresteraunt" and notto smoke weed (I know that's silly, it just smells bad and makes him kinda rude)

(Ps: I know this is small minded it's personal experiences why I ask him not to go)

Anyways he went to twin peaks today with his friend, he's trying to say that at least he told me because he could have lied (but I've caught him in so many lies he didn't have an option really) and that he tried to tell his friend he couldn't go because I would be mad but his friend didn't tell him beforehand and had already pulled up to the parking lot and they carpooled. So I said he could have at least texted and asked then he says I'm controlling. I have flat out told him I would rather he go to a strip club than there it's like the one place ya know. This isn't the first time he has tried to lie or get out of something ect.

Honestly in my gut I feel like his friend invited him and he said yes because he wants to go look at girls that are thinner than me because while he hasn't been mean about it, but it's a point of contention. Literally the other day I pointed out that he looks at girls in stores kinda creepy sometimes and he should watch himself because I'm not the only one that's noticed

Sorry for my grammar, english isn't my first language.