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husband doesn't enjoy me

after getting married to my husband I gained 5kg and it has been 2 years. I am currently getting chubbier, although my weight hasn't gone up and I'm still a size 32. He casually mentioned that the chubbier I'm getting even my vag becomes untasty to him. Then he joked it off and said he's just kidding.

Im here trying to figure out how much truth was in that "silly" joke and I'm not coping well.. I even just feel like going home to my parents' because I'm overwhelmed with hurt.

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Re: husband doesn't enjoy me

I feel like you deserve better hen. A proper man should never joke about your vagina like that.

It's one thing to say that you have gained weight and he says he can feel it in your vagina. It's another to joke about it. It's not nice either way, but he should atleast be honest about it.

That was real nasty of him. Up to yourself what you want to do about it. Talk to him. Or talk to your parents. Or leave him. Either way you deserve better. Good luck to you.