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Husband said he wouldn’t care if I died

My husband and I got into an argument. He said something that really upset me because he was okay with something that I was not okay with. He said he wouldn’t do something because it made me uncomfortable but the fact that if I didn’t care he wouldn’t be against it made me so upset. I didn’t want to talk about it anymore but he insisted and made us talk. I couldn’t help but be angry... which is why at the time I asked him to not speak about it and to give me some space. But he made us talk anyways. Maybe like 3 or 4 minutes into the argument he gets upset because I’m not being reasonable and I don’t want to find a solution. Which I get now but he was also forcing me to talk when I knew I wasn’t ready... he gets upset at me all the time but if I’m upset I can only be upset for a little bit because he will get upset to. Not too long after that argument he said that if it weren’t for our particular circumstance that he would leave me. He then later said that night that he was feeling so upset that he wouldn’t care if I died.