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to preface this, im in highschool and have dealt with hypersexuality practically my whole life. its uncomfortable and physically painful to live with, yet theres nothing im able to do about it. so, ive turned to trying to get into seniors pants alongside adults whilst being a sophomore. i recognize its wrong, especially predatory when the adults/people holding power over me reciprocate their feelings; but it satisfies my pain and easies the mental exhaustion being hypersexuality comes with. i just wish there was another option but as a minor my hands are tied. im unable to get with other people my age due to inability to feel wanted, as predatory adults are easier to please and get. is there anyway i can safely satisfy my needs? im feeling guilty and cant keep enabling pedophiles and their behavior. its just absolutely exhausting to be hypersexual, frustrated, and upset with nothing to solve it besides the worst possible options.

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Re: hypersexuality

Many people out there are hypersexual. Wanting something and being told no tends to lead to deviant behavior and rebellion. Just be careful with who you open up to. I can promise you 2 things. No matter what your insecurities are, there is someone out there who prefers that thing. Feel like you're too short? Theres people out there who prefer shortness. I find that those who feel unwanted come from being hurt, and those are the ones capable of giving the deepest love. The other thing I can promise you is that not everyone out there wants to hurt/abuse/control you. Some do, yes, but not everyone. You mentioned pedophiles and feeling bad for enabling them. Not all of them are in it for the abuse and anger and control. Some have a genuine romantic interest. Just be careful. Find a healthy outlet for your urges. When you go through puberty your body will have a strong sex drive. It's ready for reproduction. It has been all the way back to 1 month before your first period. The desire to reproduce is almost as "inate" as the desire to breathe. It's how life works. If it has become a destructive element in your life, you should seek therapy. I sense that, between your feeling unwanted and your sex drive, you want to be "accepted". I dont know your name or anything about you but I do know something. It is not possible for a person to do what they do not consider to be the best course of action. The brain isn't wired to do things it knows is the wrong thing to do. Sure, there are social guilts. We rebel against authority in an attempt for individuality and self identity. But are those bad things to care about? I'd say no. We aren't capable of being "bad people". Sometimes we just fuck up and make mistakes. Sometimes we hang around people who havent figured themselves out. Sometimes we get with people who werent taught compassion and love. But thats on them not us. So give yourself some slack. Forgive yourself and walk away from those who dont treat you like you matter. You will have more time for self care, self development, introspection, and higher quality social circles. You are not a bad person for having these feelings and its important that you know this.