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I (a man) just had sex with Brother.

I'm so depressed right now. 😭

Most of the time, when I'm all alone in my room, I always got this idea of committing suicide so i could escape from the pain and guilt that I have from what I've done. 😭

I (a man) just had sex with my brother.

I feel like a an outlaw!

All the pain that I have, all the problems, all the pressure at work are all coming qt once. I can't even talk to my brother since he keeps on ignoring me, he hates me, I guess. I don't feel confident sharing to my friends about what happened because I know that would do me no good (noting that you just got fucked by your brother, who could you tell about this?). It seems that there is no escape but to kill myself. 😭

Can someone here help me pls.

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3 months ago

Re: I (a man) just had sex with Brother.

hey, wanna to talk? i've read this and wow I was surprised but beyond that, I want to help you overcome this and be well, please if you read this write me to this instagram so I can help you and overcome all this @puppiio

I know you are sad and I understand it, but everything has a solution bro, stay calm and do not do something that you could regret and get to hurt your relatives, talk to me, please

everything will b fine <3

We had more sex... Like, 5 times. He seemed to enjoy it. But, he is starting to ignore me lately. He doesn't talk to me anymore like he used to. He moves away whenever I'm around, and no longer sleeps with me. He had a new girlfriend and started posting stuffs about it on social media. I know it's not right to feel this but, I felt so sad about him ignoring me. Why the hell am I having this feeling for him?

I feel like, I should be taking the responsibility since I'm older...

I hate super myself right now.

I feel so guilty.

I feel so ashamed.

I don't know... I just don't know myself anymore. 😥