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I absolutely despise my dad for what he did to me and how it affected my life

To start, I'm not good at explaining things so I apologise if anything doesn't make sense or if I left out some details. So when I was younger my dad use to be my role model and I thought he could never do wrong. It was around the time I became a teenager that things started to change. I think the "rebellious" stage that teenagers are infamous for had something to do with it, but ever since then there has been a rivalry between us and it has gotten infinitely worse throughout the years. Constant arguments for the last 12 years, some of them escalating into verbal wars and others escalating into physical fights. As a result I developed depression and social anxiety and it lasted throughout high school which is supposed to be "the greatest 4 years of your life" and I would say he ruined my life up til now.

He is a egotostic and short tempered and thinks he's never wrong. He has the mentality that since I am younger than him nothing I have to say can possibly have meaning cause what could I possibly know that he doesn't? What makes it worse is he is a very charismatic and kind person in public but when it comes to parenting behind closed doors he is a nightmare to talk to and he would rather send me away then to change. I have given up on him and I don't think he ever will.

I am 18 now and I'm getting sick of it and I don't know what to do. I have done therapy for my depression but stopped since I thought things were getting better but holy shit was I wrong.