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I always have this... Strange feeling.

Im 13. Im a happy boy and nothing really bad has happenened to me. I have 2 brothers (both live in another home by now) and my dad and my mom. They dont hang out as well, but that doesnt matter because they still love themselves. Anyways, 1 week ago was my birthday, I got the money to finally buy a Nintendo Switch, Doing little works daily through 5 months, or something I got some money. I bought the cheapest one though, I couldnt afford a new one. The thing is, With my console, a good cellphone, everything I would need to be happy, I just cant really be happy. Like, i am happy, I appreciate that im not homeless or something, but I just feel like, I need something else. When I see other cellphones, I just feel like I need them. Then I finally get them, and im just not satisfaced, I feel like I need a better one when thats the best I could need. For years, I have wanted to watch the television on my room, I already have a TV, but I couldnt see like the live TV. When I got it, I just felt like... Thats not what I wanted. And, I cant never find this satisfaccion I want. Its just, really strange... And maybe someday Ill really find that "satisfaccion" but for now, I hope that, that day is close.

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Re: I always have this... Strange feeling.

thats life my boy. we could never be satisfied with material things. you're just young and i understand the feeling. but once you grow older, you will realize that these things aren't important anymore. the most important thing you're gonna crave is peace of mind and calmness of heart. but anyways, continue to be grateful for everything you have. as long as your parents allow you with things you want then its fine. but always remember that these things are temporary. they're just gonna be broken someday. all the love, boy.